New blog location

In addition to our new office, the eConverse blog now has a new home. Our blog can now be found at See you there!

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New Location!

I am so happy to announce that, after a very busy weekend, eConverse Social Media has re-located to Kitchener, Ontario!  You can still reach us at or 519-830-8183. We’re so excited to settle in and explore our new city!

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Ryerson Alumni Article: Social Media Addicts Unite

I was so pleased to be asked to contribute to the Winter 2011 Edition of the Ryerson Alumni Magazine. You can find the digital edition of the magazine here, and the article is on page 35. I’d love to hear what you think about the idea of Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants and how it applies to your own experiences.

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New Year – New Strategy

Welcome to 2011! The start of the New Year presents the perfect opportunity to use a couple of quick tricks to make sure your social media strategy is re-evaluated so it’s as effective as possible.

A couple of things to do:

1. Re-evaluate your goals: If you had S.M.A.R.T. goals for your strategy, now if the time to re-evaluate them to make sure they are still applicable. They might need to be slightly altered or made more specific, but having goals is so important to make sure you are heading in the right direction. Consider both internal and external goals. An internal goal might have something to do with generating new types of content, or generating content more frequently, while an external goal might have something to do with follower numbers or joining a new platform.

2. Take stock: Record all of your social media statistics, such as follower and following numbers, how many fans you have, what lists you’re on, your Klout number, all of your Tweetstats numbers, LinkedIn connections, basically all of the data you can get your hands on. Of course, you should be noting this on a regular basis throughout the year, but making sure you have a baseline number will be helpful when you look back on your progress in the months to come.

3. Simplify your life: There are SO many applications and tools, many of them free, which can make the time you spend on your social media more effective. Start out by exploring to find apps that might be helpful to you. Also, set up a monitoring tool to assure you are seeing all of your mentions and can respond in a timely fashion.

4. Reflect: Spend some time thinking about the concept of social media and what it means for your organization. Brainstorm new ways it might be used and consider if your organization is being represented the way you want it to be. Hopefully, a period of reflection will get you motivated and excited for the possibilities of social media in 2011!

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Top 10 Social Media Stories of 2010

In classic “end of year” form, eConverse Social Media presents our Top Ten Media stories of 2010. Some of these stories signal what might be popular in 2011, some signal changes to social media that mark an ending.

10. Twitter and Social Justice – This year saw the impact of Twitter’s ability to get stories out during difficult times…whether it was the Haiti earthquake, jailed bloggers, or celebrities raising money, Twitter spread the word – and fast.

9. Rockmelt – Earlier this month Rockmelt, a new social browser, launched. The browser combines your social media feeds with your browser, allowing you to share, post and chat with your Twitter and Facebook contacts without switching windows. With the social nature of the web, look for more social browsers, and new releases of the old standards to combine more social functions.

8. Location gets real – There finally was a reason to “check-in” at a location – deals! Perhaps the most publicized FourSquare deal was with the Gap, who offered 25% off to customers who checked in on Foursquare or Facebook during a specific day in August. With the growing popularity of location-based services, look for more reasons to “check-in” in the coming year. Savvy businesses should be looking to reward frequent customers with deals based on “check-ins” or “mayorship” of their locations.

7. Mobile/Tablets: Your world on the go – Mobile becomes HUGE, as does the launch of Apple’s iPad. This has great effect everywhere…the world of applications, book publishers, QR codes, location-based services are all greatly effected by the ability to take and access your information anywhere.

6. Social Shopping – The break-out success of Groupon and LivingSocial show that there really is power in numbers. The ability to save money based on a certain number of people signing up for a deal, and other social shopping functions like sharing your favourite items, voting up the new trends combines your favourite shopping locations with your social network, making the experience better for all.

5. Google Wave waves goodbye – It was released with great fanfare, and there was a period of time where an invite was highly coveted, but Google’s Wave just didn’t take off and was pulled. I think one of the reason’s it didn’t succeed is that it was simply a product that wasn’t needed. Consumers have so many other tools available to help them collaborate  and share resources, and Wave just didn’t really add any new features. The product has now been made open source through the Apache Software Foundation, so we may see it relaunched in a new form in 2011.

4. Twitter gets sponsored – Until this year, it was the unanswered question: how would Twitter generate revenue. In 2010 we got the answer. Twitter would be attempting to generate some revenue by offering promoted tweets, trending topics and searches. It remains to be seen how much money will be generated, but in recent weeks we have seen a more organized attempt at attracting advertisers through the advertising contact page.

3. Facebook locates – Although many new features were introduced by Facebook in 2010, Facebook Places allows Facebook  to compete with location based services like Foursquare and Gowalla, and provide businesses a further level on which to connect to customers and provide special offers. Facebook is really trying to be a “one-stop shop” of social networks, and I expect to see additional changes in this direction in 2011.

2. Wikileaks – The Wikileaks story showed just how fast and far information can spread through social networks. I honestly believe that this wouldn’t have been as big of a story in the media without the spread and access that social networks provided. In addition, the suggestion from several universities, that it would be in their students’ best interest not to make mention of wikileaks via their profiles further emphasized the impact of this story within the social network community.

1. The Social Network – With it’s recent Golden Globe nominations from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and solidified by Mark Zuckerberg’s “Person of the Year” win, this film set the interest in Facebook and its initial lore at a fever pitch.

We’d love to hear how our list compares to your. What did we miss? What will be a big story in 2011?

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Happy Holidays from eConverse Social Media

Wishing you a relaxing, happy and healthy holiday season and all the best in 2011! I wanted to pass along this fabulous video from ExCentric Digital Power, which tells the nativity story through some popular social networks and mobile applications…hope you enjoy! Cheers, Martha

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Submit your social media stories of 2010

In true “end of the year” manner, I’m compiling a list of the top social media stories of the year. Do you have a favorite story? – let me know!

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